Quality & Traceability

Micoperi Blue Growth dedicates itself to the research and the development of new technologies to produce high quality algal biomass by means of a controlled supply chain system, a highly qualified team and its automated structures.

Thanks to its team and its facilities Micoperi Blue Growth is able to provide a wide range of services in the field of algal biomass:

  • Supply of selected alga strains for Research Centres
  • Supply of inocula, essential for the start up of productive systems
  • Expert advice for the scaling up of the productive systems
  • Expert advice for the start up of cultivation plants
  • Training of technical personnel for the plant managemen
  • Sole producers of fresh algal biomass for food use
  • Producers of freeze-dried algal biomass for food, nutraceutic, cosmetic use
  • Applied research for the optimization of algal cultures
  • Patented formulation of microalgal-based products for Agriculture use. (Dep n. BO2015A000217)

At the headquarters of Ravenna a prototype 180 m2 greenhouse has been installed for the cultivation of different algal species. The greenhouse is the prototype used by the MBG researchers to design, test and optimize the protocols for the production and harvesting process of the microalgal biomass on an industrial scale.

The first productive high tech greenhouse (1300 m2) for the cultivation of Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina) in food supply chain is under construction. It consists of an innovative plant in terms of biomass production amount and quality. The high tech greenhouse has been realized basing on a Micoperi Blue Growth patent (Dep n. 102015000016772)

Through the cooperation with the laboratories of the University of Bologna – Alma Mater Studiorum, the algal biomass produced within the greenhouse is monitored and analyzed daily

The headquarters of Ortona is divided into two operative areas that work closely with each other, but with different purposes:

The AlgaLab

The AlgaLab isolates and studies new algal strains, experiments new growth media and analyses the different extracted molecules, for the research applied to production. Furthermore AlgaLab is the starting point for the production of pure and highly controlled inocula for the AlgaFarm.

The AlgaFarm

The AlgaFarm represents the area suitable for the high quality biomass production. It is divided into different manufacturing species-specific sectors, in which the different production lines are isolated from each other to guarantee the pureness of the cultivation and to avoid contaminations. Growth parameters, such as light and temperature, are constantly monitored and controlled in each production sector. Moreover, for a continuous supervision of algal cultures, all production systems are equipped with pH, CO2 and O2 sensors.